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Creatively-U Academy

The Creatively-U Academy is comprehensive program to help you discover the real you, how you think, who you are, and what you love. During this program, you will follow a powerful, step-by-step system that will help you rediscover your purpose and reignite your creative spark using your natural talents.

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Creatively-U Clubhouse Membership

The Creatively-U Clubhouse Membership is a mentorship program exclusively for graduates of my Academy program. Take your understanding to the next level with monthly accountability support, community, and targeted mentorship to keep your creative life on track. Enrollment opens after students graduate from my Creatively-U Academy program.

Just For Fun

A Collection of Mixed Media Collage on Paper

Virginia Wygal is a contemporary, mixed-media artist captivated by color and texture.


Mixed-Media Collage Greeting Cards

These collages were past commissions sold at craft fairs.

Thoughts from My Creative Journal


…the big bad wolf. So, fear is setting in. I can’t do this! What am I thinking? There is just so much stuff I don’t...

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To the New Year

…..new beginnings, and a new life This is the time of year that we all think about a New Year’s resolution. We make a list...

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This quiet time

….of reflection and planning. When I look back, I remember the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day as a quiet time, not a lot...

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Happy Holidays

…..can’t wait to meet you, 2021! 10 days left and counting! We don’t usually start counting down the year THIS early, but…….well, nothing else has...

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