Sticks and Stones

This new collection highlights “sticks” and “stones” as objects of art, to be admired for their natural beauty. These elements are combined with found objects, papers, and natural fibers. As the name suggests all pieces contain stones, sticks, or other objects from nature. Some “sticks” are wood, while others are bone, reed, grass, or quill. The stones range from polished and elegant to rough and rustic. The compositions are simple and architectural, with limited elements and limited colors. Each piece began with a particular “stick” or “stone,” and the remaining components were chosen to compliment those natural elements.


The “Neutrals” Collection features rich browns paired with cream, and natural fleece white paired with jet black. The collection started with inspiration from the natural colors of alpaca cord spun yarn I received from my sister. As I began working with it, I thought of rich espresso, hot chocolate and whipped cream… wonderful fall treats to enjoy. Grab some cocoa with marshmallows, or a demitasse cup, and ENJOY!

Just For Fun

A Collection of Mixed Media Collage on Paper

“Just for Fun” is just that, a playful return to pieces, oddities, and yarns. Each collage begins with a colored and textured ground. The addition of a single new piece of color or pattern informed the journey and off we went together! I like to pair the rigid edges of cut paper with the fluidity of silk yarn and dyed fabrics. Grab your favorite and bring a bit of color and joy to your home.

Mini Collage Greeting Cards

Beautiful handmade collage on greeting cards; can be sent as a greeting or framed as an individual art piece.