A Letter From the Artist



I am Virginia Wygal and I am captivated by color and texture!

I am a contemporary, mixed media artist and my former career as a clothing designer inspired my love of 3-D design, of fabric properties, and my intense love of texture and color. My joy comes from my relationship with the medium.

How can I explore and stretch the properties of the materials?

What is the medium trying to say through me?

How can I partner with the paint, the textiles, the colors to express my thoughts and, more importantly, speak to the viewer in a meaningful way?

Madisyn Taylor says
“Colors… are like words that form a subtle language of mood, energy, and insight.”

I explore the juxtaposition of light and shadow formed by texture, as well as the emotions of color and shape. I use unconventional materials and findings without the influence of subject matter so that it evokes an emotional response in the viewer as it speaks to them directly. The meaning that is communicated is individual; allow it to speak to you in whatever way feels right.

I use acrylic paint, textiles, stitching and collage to form sculptural abstracts on paper, canvas and wood panels. My handwoven textile pieces incorporate yarns, fabric strips, findings and trinkets.

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I received my BFA from the University of North Texas and spent 30 years as a clothing and home goods designer. Currently, I work on my art out of my home studio in Carrollton, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. I also design and develop products for private local companies; work with private clients on special design and creative projects; and teach creative students in art and business at local colleges.

 Through the Norah Leigh Group, I offer creative services – such as design, technical design, product and prototype development – to local apparel and home goods companies. Current and former clients include Roja Collection, Bee’s Knees PJ Co., Chair Care Patio, JC Penney, and Sharon Young, Inc. to name a few.

With Love,
Viginia Wygal


We need more fun and beauty in the world!

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