Finding Your Joy Part 4 – “Gifting” Yourself

It is a joyous season indeed and you’re probably planning your festivities. It’s a season to be grateful, a season to remember others, and, if possible, to be with family and loved ones.

It’s also the season when we’re counting down – only 4 more shopping days ‘til Christmas. You might be tempted to get caught up in the commercial aspect and drive yourself crazy trying to obtain the perfect gift for that special someone. You don’t need any reminders, so I’ll stop there!

I’m looking at it differently this season.

I’m looking at all the “gifts” I’ve already received, what creative “gifts” I possess, and what “gifts” can I plan on expanding in the coming year.

I’m so excited about 2022! I hope you’re as excited about next year as I am and are planning how to achieve your creative goals. More on my plans for next year later… this year-end period is a time for reflection, gratitude, and looking back at everything you’ve accomplished so you can build on it in 2022.

2021 has been a learning and building year for me. I’ve released two art collections, practiced my surface pattern design skills (still a little rough I might add) and I’ve continued to make progress in my business.

Here are some of the “gifts” I have already received and am so grateful for:

1.  My family and friends who supports me by encouraging me and being my biggest cheerleaders as I grow my business. They are always there to lift me up and take me out when the going gets tough! Hooray for coffee dates!

2.  My little boy Cosmo who continues to make me smile, laugh, and who needs my love and support as we work through his illness together. I’m HIS emotional support animal but he brings me so much joy!

3.  The courageous creatives who downloaded my free guide: 7 Daily Habits for A Thriving Creative Practice, who ask me questions, and bring joy to my teaching practice through their enthusiasm and mindset. And the growing community of fellow creative seekers inside Virginia’s Studio Cats who are eager to rediscover and reignite that creative spark within.

4.  The founding members in my creative coaching practice who are making so much progress and provide me with insights and feedback so that I can improve and add value to your creative journey.

5.  The great mind and creative talent that supported me with a website refresh and online presence, and who continues to support my technology panic attacks! Thank you, Isabel Morales, of StyleGeek.

6.  My mentors and mastermind cohorts who pushed me to try new things but more importantly to apply my natural gifts in my business this year.

But enough about me…back to you…

As we work through this “Finding Your Joy” series, take a look at the “gifts” you have already received. They may be large, or very small indeed. Write them out and ponder them. These are the things that will support you through your creative journey in the coming year.

Now, let’s grab that journal you’ve been using and take a look at the unique “gifts” you’ve discovered about yourself in the last three exercises we did together. You have so many natural gifts! Pick one or two you might like to expand in the coming year. 2022 can be the year you learn more about how beautifully creative you are and make that talent shine.

Gift yourself hope, anticipation, and excitement for the coming year!

It fills me with joy to reflect on the milestones from 2021. I encourage you to do the same and give thanks for the natural talents that you have. You are an amazing creative person with unlimited potential for 2022! I can’t wait to help you flourish in those creative gifts!

Happy Holidays. Sending you my love, and remember,

Be-U, on purpose, 4-Life



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