Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome

How to Knock Out Shiny Object Syndrome (AKA “FOMO”)

Have you ever begged the Universe for something? You know, that “bargaining” you do when you really need something and can’t figure it out? Please, Please, Puh-leeeeeze!

I just came out of a three-day virtual conference for creative business entrepreneurs that was exciting, full of ideas and inspiration. There was a host of great speakers, tons of lessons, big AHA moments….It was fantastic! I learned a lot of new information and I’m pumped up and ready to go! The problem is, I learned a lot of new information and I’m pumped up and ready to, well, use it ALL!

~Enter Shiny Object Syndrome!~

Now it’s back to real life and, as I sit down to write my “morning pages,” I find myself begging the universe for clarity, crystal clarity…… like right NOW! What should I do? Do I need to change direction? Am I doing the right thing? Maybe I should do what she’s doing! Maybe I should scrap plan “B” and move on to plan “C.”

You know the feeling. We question our decisions when we see all the new and exciting ways to do what we want to do. Don’t fault yourself! We’re trained to think that way! It’s called “FOMO” and marketing leans heavily on it because IT WORKS! (think tech companies or the latest iPhone release)

But here’s the thing-marketing tactics that scatter your focus won’t work if your goal is to get something DONE, if you want to advance your own life, or get to your own goals. Hey “self”-are you listening??

As I wrote the remainder of my morning pages, I realized that all the cool ideas, the great inspiration, and the wonderful energy could help me by feeding my soul, stocking my well, and fueling my passion. However Dear “Self” – don’t use them as a distraction from what you’re trying to accomplish. Bank them – and use them as steppingstones later when you need a tool to help take the next right step.

Long-story short – begging worked!

It wasn’t the clarity I was expecting, but it was clarity none-the-less! Shiny Object Syndrome or “Fear of Missing Out” was a distraction for me at that moment. Nothing more. Nothing less.

So how DO you kick Shiny Object Syndrome to the curb? Know thyself! I have the type of brain that easily sees possible solutions, ideas, and options. That’s good most of the time! But it can be bad as well! So, if you find yourself distracted by all the “things” and “ideas”…

  1. “Kondo” it! If it solves an immediate problem and can be implemented and produce results quickly then go for it. Same goes for when it’s “THE” solution you’ve been seeking for a while!  If it’s something that might help later, bank it. (see #2) If it’s something that sounds interesting but you don’t know how you’d even use it, fugedaboutit! Like the iPhone, there will always be another, newer, brighter, updated version coming out soon!
  2. Write it down. I keep a “recipe box,” but use whatever storage you like best (journal, notebook, digital file), of all those shiny objects and “bank” them. They will be available to you if/when you need them. Refer to the last line of #1 if you’re having trouble letting go! Then, move on.
  3. Focus. Recognize when you get distracted and put on blinders. You’ve got those ideas saved, so focus on the ONE step that’s right-in-front-of-you. Focus on the ONE and ONLY next right step! Period. Trust me. The next task will be waiting for you when you finish this one!

The only crystal clarity I needed was to focus. To my question “What should I do?” I got this: “Sit down, quiet your mind, and focus on what you need to do right now, today! That’s it. Show up, take the ONE next right step, the one that’s in front of you, and do the best you can with it.”

Okay then! Simple enough!

So tell me….Do you ever suffer from “shiny object syndrome” sometimes? Blinded by “all the things?” When you notice you’re suffering from “FOMO”, how do you avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome?” Let me know in the comments below. And if you’d like encouragement along the way, join my Free Facebook group at