Can We Talk?

I have a secret for you….

If you’ve been saying, “I really want to find something new, but I don’t know what. I’m not ready to decide yet. Maybe next year…”, let me tell you about starting before you’re ready – and how the decision to start anyway transforms EVERYTHING.

Years ago, I was in that very position. Drowning in worry, yearning for that “something” I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Then, an email arrived in my inbox from someone I’ve never met but have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for.

You see, I was no longer doing anything creative. What I did before was no longer an option and I couldn’t find my path. The email introduced me to ideas I had never considered before. It introduced me to alternative thinking (to me anyway) – digital businesses, online courses, etc.

Now consider this…

I had zero technical training and even less backend website aptitude!

I can sorta solve problems with computers, but I’m NOT techy. My experience consisted of calling tech support and doing what I’m told. Sure, I learn quickly. But I was as green as you could get in the online world. I relied on “I think I can, I think I can…”

So, when the chance to explore the online opportunity popped up, the first thought that raced through my mind was, “Nooo! I’m not ready for THAT yet!” I DON”T know how to do this!

I mean, c’mon Universe! Couldn’t this opportunity show up just a little bit later — after I’d done some research, figured out what the heck I was doing?! When I was more prepared?!? When I felt READY?

But here’s the thing…

If you listen to your fear….You’ll NEVER feel ready!

Then COVID showed up. Nothing like being locked in your house to make it clear the computer HAD to become my best friend.

When I finally stepped out, I promptly felt overwhelmed…a fish out of water. But I decided in my heart that I was going to go for it anyway. I knew I’d regret it if I let fear and a lack of readiness hold me back from finally doing something that could bring me closer to my goals.

More importantly, I knew saying yes would help me GAIN something else…

A path to growing much faster than waiting ever could!

Think about it…

Engagement in a supportive environment would force me to learn new skills and grow way faster than if I was stumbling around in the dark trying to piece something together myself. Especially since I don’t have a techy bone in my body! Basically, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel, Yeah?

So I took a deep breath and dove into training, heart beating wildly, and hoping this would work. And guess what?

I did it! My art practice has taken off, my website is doing well, and my online course launched today! And I’m still NOT ready!

That ONE decision to say yes, way before I was ready, was the launch point for what has become a wonderful and energizing career and art practice.

In fact, I guess you could say… The choice to start before I was ready transformed the entire course of my life.

I told myself that I simply didn’t want to be in that same place in a year. So, I started before I was ready, and learned what I needed to learn along the way.

I’ve continued to use the start before you’re ready strategy and it’s produced incredible results every time. Now I have the chance to connect with and help other people do it too!

Every successful person starts before they feel ready! It’s one of the best kept secrets to success.

But here’s the problem. Most people will put things off and say things like, “Maybe next time” or “next month” or “next year” to the VERY things that matter most, their OWN dreams!

I wanted to share this with you because registration for Creatively-U is now open. WHOOOOHOOO! Happy Dance!

I invite you to toss the “I’m not ready yet” mindset. Because a year from now, you’ll either be saying “I am SO glad I did” or “I wish I had.”

Let today be the day that start the journey toward finding out what you REALLY want!

What you’ll find inside Creatively-U is the most complete, comprehensive program that holds your hand as you build your dreams — every step of the way.

It’s time to say “YES!” to discovering your talents and using them to reach the goals you’ve been talking about for so long. It’s time to stop putting off defining what you most want.

I’ve been where you are. I know how painful it is to feel your potential slipping away. I cannot wait to show you what’s waiting for you on the other side.

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