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Wait, Success is Just a Decision?

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“Success is a Decision.” I’ll bet you’ve never heard it described that way, have you? Ever wondered if you could just decide to be a success? Like, maybe there’s a secret ‘success’ button hidden somewhere between your coffee mug and that pile of sketches? Spoiler alert: there might be. But before you start flipping your desk upside down looking for it, let me spill some real tea on how every ‘yes’ you whisper and every ‘nope’ you throw can sculpt your path to victory.

Okay, I get it! You’re probably saying

“What do you mean success is just a decision? Success depends on so many things that are out of my control! Are you saying I can just decide I’m a success and so I am? That’s not really how the world works, Virginia.”

No, I haven’t lost my marbles. Stick around! Alright, let’s get serious a sec-

Success often appears elusive – think grand achievements or life-changing milestones. But what if the essence of success lies not in the grandeur, but in the simplicity of decision-making? Today, let’s reframe our understanding of success—especially in the creative realms of drawing, painting, patternmaking and design.

The notion that “success is a decision” was a game-changer for me. I first encountered this idea through Elliott Connie, a speaker at a virtual three-day conference I attended. Elliott is an author and psychotherapist, and founder of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Training. His perspective challenged my preconceptions and transformed my approach to creativity and success.

Consider this: success isn’t solely about the outcomes—whether you’ve created the perfect painting or mastered a complex pattern. It’s equally about (drum-roll please) the series of decisions that guide you TO these outcomes.

Big AHA moment there!

Every creative endeavor starts with a decision to try, to experiment, or simply to persist despite the odds.

In the world of creativity, success might look like choosing to refine a skill, experiment with a difficult material, or adjust a pattern draft until it aligns perfectly with your vision. It’s these decisions, small and frequent, that accumulate and steer you towards mastery.

But there’s often a voice that whispers doubts and fears, suggesting our efforts are inadequate. Here’s where another vital decision comes into play: choosing to believe in your own progress and successes, no matter how minor they may seem. Did you improve your technique? Did you solve a problem that’s been nagging at you? These aren’t just steps forward; they’re successes in their own right.

The transformative power of decision-making in any creative pursuit isn’t just about the technical skills. It’s also about deciding to view every attempt, every minor adjustment, and every redo as a step towards becoming the creative you aspire to be. Success isn’t just a finished product; it’s found in the resilience and satisfaction of the creative process.

Now, let’s talk about the ultimate decision—the one that could start or elevate your journey in design and patternmaking. Deciding to join a course like The ART of Patternmaking isn’t just about learning to draft and design; it’s about deciding to take ownership of your creative dreams and turning them into your reality.

Success, indeed, is a series of decisions. The first one? Choosing to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge that transform fabric into fashion, ideas into tangible creations. As you stand at this crossroads, consider what your next decision will be.

How do you define success in your creative life? What decisions are you contemplating right now? Remember, each decision you make builds upon the last, crafting the pathway to your goals.

Join me, decide to harness your potential, and let’s mold those creative visions into achievements. Success isn’t just about the destination; it’s about the journey, and it starts with your decision to act. Ready to make that choice?

Enrollment opens to the public tomorrow. Ask me about your early bird enrollment now!

Let’s create something beautiful together.

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