Hourglass running out

Closing Soon!

Creatively-U Closes Soon. Only 48 hours left!

This week we’re winding down as I invite you to join my Creatively-U program which is the most comprehensive program for getting started and maintaining your creative practice. It’s here that you’ll gain clarity, organization, and motivation to bring those creative dreams into reality!

This program is for you if you’ve always dreamed of creating something but haven’t found the time, inspiration, or motivation.

Students join from all sorts of backgrounds – sewing to painting, gardening to knitting. Some are just starting to explore their creativity. But they all have the desire to make it a permanent and consistent part of their life!

In the program, I teach you all the soft skills needed to keep yourself motivated and consistent. I call it the “left-brain skills” that help make the “right-brain creative expressions” possible.

In the Creatively-U Academy, you’ll get training and coaching to master your motivation. You’ll learn how to create time and prioritize your projects.

And if you’ve ever thought of making money from your creativity, this course is a must!

It’s absolutely essential to stay consistent with your creative practice for your own sake

but even more so if you’re thinking of earning money from it.

The program includes 8 focused modules that feature videos, workbooks, cheat sheets, exercises and more…all based on my step-by-step roadmap that shows you how to leverage your talents and strengths for success.

As you do the work, you’ll have 8 weeks of LIVE Coaching from me via Zoom, and Live Q&A sessions in my students-only Facebook Group so you can stay on track. You’ll also get the full 34 strengths assessment with a live group coaching call. This is one of the most talked about parts of the course! You’ll also get several other great bonuses, including mindset coaching and a free mini course to help you knock out limiting beliefs.

To enroll, simply go to HERE where you can find more information about the program and scroll down to select a payment option that works for you. Join now! You’ll get immediate access to the Welcome module that introduces you to the program and the platform.

No matter what your creative goal, I guarantee you have it in you, and I encourage you to take the leap for your creative dreams.

But hurry! There’s only about 48 hours left until the doors close. I only keep enrollment open temporarily so I can concentrate on taking care of each student cohort in the best possible way. Think of it as having your own personal creative director to help you meet your creative goals!

I can’t wait to see you in the Academy!

Here’s to your creativity!


Have fun and I’ll see you next week.

Become Creatively-U!

Find more purpose and meaning in your day.

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