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Creatively-U Academy Enrollment is OPEN!

It’s a super thrilling day for me and I’m so happy! And maybe a little nervous and anxious! Because…

Enrollment opened TODAY to my 8-week signature program, Creatively-U Academy.

It’s time to lean into your creativity and take action!

You’re the creative force behind your life. It all starts and ends with you!

I’d like to personally invite you to join me in the academy where you’ll gain clarity, organization, and motivation to bring those creative dreams into reality!

As a former director of creative teams, I know what it takes to keep all that creative excitement aimed at the right target and keep it consistent. As a creative myself, I’ve never been one to insist my creative ducks were in a row. As long as I kept them in the general vicinity of the pond, everything will be fine!

It’s the joy of my creativity, and my ability to practice it on a consistent basis, that keeps me going. I want to share the “HOW” with you!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what brings you joy or what you feel passionate about. It’s even harder to figure out when you need help staying focused and consistent!

In Creatively-U Academy, I teach women how to identify and reconnect to that passion, how to stay motivated and inspired, and how to plan, build, and sustain that creative dream. I help them reignite that spark within and keep it lit so that they gain a renewed sense of purpose, direction and satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for the motivation to start and be consistent with a creative practice or want to do a complete 180 and create a thriving creative career (or something in between), I’m here to tell you it can be done! We ALL have creativity within us! Get inspired today and bring your creative passions to life on your own terms!

Creatively-U Academy® is a fun and engaging online training and coaching program where you will learn exactly how to make time for your passions, how to develop them to remain motivated and focused, and how to build the confidence and strategies to achieve those dreams consistently using creative thinking skills.

Sometimes I describe what I teach as “the left-brained tools for a successful right-brained practice.” Well, there’s more to it than that, but you get the picture.

In order to experience the creative life you desire, you need to gather up the courage and take action.

If you think about it, your life is like a movie. You’re the director and have authority over things you can control in your script. I’ll teach you the tools that are necessary to make it a HIT!

By the time you finish the course, you’ll have built a powerful step-by-step plan for your creative process, including time management and organizational tips and tricks. And you will have developed a professional grade tool kit to help you start and complete your projects!

Even better – you get lifetime access when you enroll in the program. That means you can visit and revisit anytime you need a refresher. And you get access to any upgrades that come along! You can’t lose!

Enrollment in my 8-week signature program, The Creatively-U Academy, is only available for a short time. Make something great happen for yourself during this year. Join a global community of creative women and let’s see what we can bring to life together.

Become Creatively-U!

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