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Creative Coaching


A Creativity coach is similar to a life coach or an athletic coach, but the focus is largely on goals surrounding your creative work. Through coaching, I help you sort out your desires, prioritize them, and work through any obstacles that may be standing in the way of your artistic success.

What does creativity mean to you?

It is my belief that everyone is a creative being. Edward de Bono describes creativity to include “breaking out of established patterns.” He also mentions an ability to “look at things in a different way.” Most people define creativity to mean a particular ability like painting, drawing, acting, singing, writing or one of a host of other “talents.” While creativity coaching can certainly help those individuals build fulfilling and successful creative careers, it can also be used to bring new ways of thinking to raising children, teaching middle school, or running a business.

As a creative being, coaching can help you build an enjoyable, rewarding life that includes a fulfilling creative career. Coaching can help you stay true to your artistic vision while working toward wider recognition of your talents. Coaching can help balance the pressure to consistently produce while still enjoying the creative process. My passion is to help talented, ambitious individuals creatively fulfill their potential in all areas, personally and professionally.

In our coaching sessions, we will discuss present challenges and I will help you set goals and take action based on what you would like to manifest in the future. I will be your adviser as you evaluate your specific goals and I will guide you through exercises to help you realize them. It is important to remember that, in order to make headway, you will need to do some real work if you truly wish to experience rich growth. Creative challenges are different for everyone and coaching requires a distinctive approach for each client. We will tailor our work together to your individual needs.

We will begin with email contact and specific inquiries to help me understand your objectives. We then schedule a 30-minute phone or audio Skype session to discuss your objectives and formulate a plan. Our work continues through email and 2 monthly 30-minute phone sessions (or audio Skype sessions). This format continues for the time we work together. Regular written email work is as important as the phone sessions because it serves as a journal for future reference. Coaching is designed to help you make progress. We will work on those issues that you feel are most important and meaningful. As we progress, you may find other areas of concern and are welcome to address those as necessary.


2 month minimum commitment includes email support, and two 30-minute coaching sessions on the phone, or audio Skype over the course of each month.

  • Begin with a 30 minute “introductory” phone session and email contact
  • Two 30-minute phone or Skype sessions each month with follow up email from me containing a summary of our discussion
  • Email support-send as many emails as needed, emails will be answered twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday
  • First month begins the discussion of your creative process, your strengths, and identification of your area of greatest concern

Introductory Creativity Coaching Package: $350

[wpecpp name=”Introductory Creativity Coaching Package” price=”350.00″]

After this introductory package you will begin experiencing increased initiative and greater confidence. To continue your work with me, you may sign on month-to-month at the $175 rate per month.

Monthly Creativity Coaching: $175/mo

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For custom designed packages or longer commitments, please email me directly at

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