with your creativity?

Post Covid opening… and I DON’T WANNA to go back to the OLD normal!

Anybody else feel that way?

It’s like…. I had a year to reflect and……. UH-OH!

Perfect job meant perfect life. That used to mean finding a secure job and building your life around it.

Problem is…it didn’t end up that way! At least, not for me! Sure the job paid the bills and life was “Okay,” but not happy, not fulfilling, not….well…..something!

I had a deep, nagging sense of longing. That “secure job” (which wasn’t secure after all) wasn’t making me happy. I was existing, putting one foot in front of the other, but….. What I discovered was, it wasn’t what I wanted to do! Put simply, it was available, something I “could” do, what I “should” do in practical, logical terms.

Whatever your job, if you have one, you may be thinking that your life doesn’t fit nicely around it anymore. Not in a real, meaningful way!

HAPPY DANCE, That’s good intel!

What was missing for me was CREATIVITY – creative thinking, playing to my strengths, using my innate talents. What was missing was a creative pursuit! But where had it gone???

I have a creative brain. We ALL do! We have a natural desire to “make” our lives into something enjoyable and fun, something that makes us feel alive and “on purpose.” Something that uses what comes naturally to us.

We gotta work, take responsibility, pay the bills……NO DOUBT there!

And not everything we do will be enjoyable. That’s life. (Elizabeth Gilbert has a fantastic chapter in one of her books about a certain type of sandwich we all must eventually eat….but that’s another story!)

So, to paraphrase Noel Gallagher, shouldn’t we work to live, not live to work? I’m thinkin’ . . .

Not just YES, but HECK YES!

Right now, as we take stock and see small glimpses of what we used to call “normal”, the very changes that turned everything upside-down are also providing massive opportunities for us to take responsibility, define what we want normal to look like, and start living life on our own terms.

You probably won’t find that SOLELY inside the “job-oriented” occupations we’ve depended on up to now. That world is no longer flexible, reliable, or holistic enough to work for many people….as recent events have clearly proven.

HOWEVER, that world is still VERY important! It provides a certain structure that is necessary and relevant to many!

But adding flavor, variety, and fulfillment to that world is a DIY project!


If you have a job and like it, need it, or want to keep it…or maybe you’re feeling a sense of discontent but can’t make a change just yet…

What do you want to add around the margins to make your life more creative and enjoyable?

If you aren’t working, or were forced into a life transition, and are longing to fill that space with something fulfilling…

What do you want that fun and imaginative “something” to be?

It’s time to rekindle your dreams, reclaim your life, and start creating a plan so that what’s most important TO YOU comes first…..or at the very least, is added to the mix!

“But WHAT is that” you ask? Only you can answer that question. But I can help you in finding the answer, that little something that’s exactly what you’re looking for. There’s only ONE question you need to answer.

Download my free workbook HERE to help answer that ONE question in order to discover where creativity is hiding… and get ready to shout out “Ready or not, here I come!”

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’d like your “new normal” to look like. I can’t wait to here from you!