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Unlocking Your Creativity

My Free Masterclass Starts Next Week!

We’re going to do a little myth busting! Yep, my own reality show about busting creative myths and showing you the truth about….wait, Wait, WAIT!

OK, no reality show, no cable, no Netflix or Hulu needed! Sorry!

But we will be busting myths!

OK, the truth is, YES I have a free masterclass starting next week called “Unlocking Your Creativity After 40.” And, YES we’ll be solving the three biggest myths about creativity after a certain age.

Here’s the catch: while it IS free, you do have to sign up to get all the goodies, so click this link to reserve your spot.

Everything starts next week with:

  • Major mindset shifts that all successful creatives adopt as they begin to explore and expand their talents
  • Real-Life Examples of Creative Transformation that you too can experience in your creative life and tips & tricks used to achieve it.
  • The Most Simple and Effective Exercise to connect you to your unique gifts and talents that will jumpstart the creative process RIGHT NOW!
  • Proof That Everyone Has Creative Potential even if YOU don’t believe it…and why NOW is the best time to explore what it means for you and how to bring it forth!

Because – here’s the deal, artistic talent isn’t necessary. Yes, I said that! Artistic talent isn’t necessary!

Creativity is NOT the same as artistic talent. While most artists are creative, not all creative people are artists.

The ability to draw something, paint, or dance a ballet is called a “talent.” As in, “Wow, you’re so talented.”

The ability to come up with new ways to look at things, interpret ideas, and think outside the box is called creativity. As in, “Wow, I never would have thought of that. You’re so creative.”

Alright, those are just off-the-cuff examples, but you see the point.

Creative thinking is used in almost EVERY endeavor, from painting to the sciences! Think flower arranging and gardening, chefs and food stylists, teachers and event planners. YES, even engineers and scientists are creative!

Creativity is the ability to go beyond traditional ideas and create meaningful new ideas and interpretations. It’s originality or imagination. Yes, it is used in artistic talent, but it can also be used in every other area of life.

In this masterclass, I’m going to prove to you that you are creative, but we just need to UNLOCK it!

And not just because it’s fun!

Did you know it can actually be good for you? Turns out, even something as simple as doodling in your journal or coloring in those adult coloring books can improve mental and physical health. WHO KNEW?

Creative thinking also provides that sense of freedom, like what you felt as a child.  You get all those good vibes like self-awareness, accomplishment, and a boost of confidence.

This masterclass is a must if you’re committed to making the rest of your life the most creative it can be. Maybe you remember doing creative things you loved but life happened! More important things came along, and you lost touch with that part. Now’s the time to reconnect. Or maybe you’re asking yourself “Now what?” You’ve found yourself at a fork in the road and need to reinvent yourself. You’re wondering “So, what else can I try?”

Whether you’re trying to restart, reconnect, or reinvent, this could be the turning point you’ve been waiting for. So much has changed and there’s such a need for creative expression from people like YOU!

Ready to have some fun? Cuz, it’s your turn!

Join me as I prove how easy it is to unlock your creativity! I had to reinvent my life and reignite my creative spark at the age of 58!

I’ve experienced what it feels like to play hide and seek with my creative side…. You know, that nagging feeling that something important is missing! But I figured it out and emerged from that experience stronger and more creative.

I found a way to recast my love of fabric, color, and texture into new and interesting creative pursuits. And I rediscovered my love of “finding what needs to be found.” I discovered new ways to apply my creative loves!

If you’re committed to making this the year you finally reignite your spark and stay motivated, organized, and inspired – I can’t wait to help you get there faster! 

 At the end of the masterclass, if you’d like to continue working with me, you’ll have the opportunity to join my 8-week signature program, The Creatively-U Academy®.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you. Join me to get the details on how easy it is to Unlock YOUR Creativity! Please click this link to join us.

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Become Creatively-U!

That’s it for now, and I’ll see you in the masterclass.


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