breaking up with your phone

Why Your Best Work Happens Offline

Slave to the 'Ping'? Breaking up is Hard!

QUESTION: Who here could go out for the day and EASILY leave their phone at home?

Confession – I did NOT raise my hand!

How does the song go? – “Breaking up is haaa-aarrrd to do!” (Thanks Neil!)

The thing is – In an age where our smartphones are superglued to our fingers, it’s no surprise that for many of us, these devices are both a fountain of inspiration and a black hole of distraction. Today, I want to share a ProTip that might just be your creative lifeline: Stay away from your devices.

Yup – I said it! All of them (phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, computer…)!

Okay, not forever – just for the sake of your mental health and creativity. It’s temporary! I promise!

Problem #1 – The Distraction Dilemma

Let’s face it—their ONLY JOB is to capture and keep our attention. For better – or for worse! One of the biggest time wasters, and things I do when I’m procrastinating, is to check my phone or email.

From the ping of a new message to the endless scroll of social media, these distractions are not just minor interruptions.

They pull us away from deep, meaningful work. When your creative session is punctuated by constant checks on your phone or email, the flow state needed to produce truly impactful work becomes unreachable. Frustrating at best. Nonexistent at worst.

Problem #2 – The Comparison Trap

The same goes for that rabbit hole known as social media! Social media, while great for sharing and inspiration, often leads us down the path of comparison.

It’s way too discouraging to look at everyone else’s beautiful work while mine sits waiting on the table.  Anyone ever said to themselves “I’m not that talented’” or “It’s all been done before,” or “What’s the use.” ???

Viewing others’ finished projects can be inspiring, but it can also spawn doubts about our abilities and originality. Thoughts like those can stop our creative pursuits dead in their tracks.

Strategies for Minimizing Digital Distractions

  1. Designated Creative Time: Set specific hours for your creative work and treat them as sacred. During these hours, turn off your phone or put it in another room. Make it a ritual, and your mind will start to associate this ‘quiet time’ with creativity. (Sound familiar???)
  2. Use Technology Wisely: If turning off your phone seems too drastic, use apps that limit functionality or block social media during certain hours. Tools like “Freedom,” “Forest,” or “Space” can help keep your focus intact. There are a ton of others. Or you can simply turn off “notifications” on your phone.
  3. Physical Barriers: Sometimes, the out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach works best. If you’re working from a home studio, leave your device in another room. If you need your phone nearby for emergencies, use settings like “Do Not Disturb” to filter out non-essential alerts.
  4. Scheduled Check-ins: Allocate specific times to check emails or social media. For instance, checking your phone could be a mid-morning break after a solid session of uninterrupted creativity. (PRO-TIP: This WORKS!!!)
  5. Mindfulness and Meditation: Start your creative sessions with a short meditation to center your focus. Apps like Headspace offer guided sessions to help reduce the impulse to reach for your phone. Try a Creative Ritual to get in the right frame of mind.

Go HERE to find helpful free resources to make these things happen.

Embracing the Offline Mode

Turning off our devices isn’t just about eliminating distractions—it’s about giving our minds the space to wander, explore, and create without boundaries.

I’m getting ready to launch my course and I’m dying to check blog and post interactions, ad results, and other prep metrics. I need to resist the temptation and I’m recommending you do the same. It will all still be there when their time comes.

As you gear up to join me in my upcoming course, or as you embark on your next creative project, challenge yourself to disconnect. You might be surprised at the depth and quality of the work that flows when you do.

Remember, creativity doesn’t need a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, the best ideas come to us not in a flurry of tweets but in the quiet moments we give ourselves to truly think and feel.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Try a device-free creative session this week and share your experiences in the comments below. Sometimes, the best way to reconnect with your creative spirit is to disconnect from the online world.

Dare ya!