Creative Success

idea sketch and finished artwork

Ever Wonder How Ideas Sprout Legs?

Here’s a thought – isn’t it amazing how you can start with just an idea and end up with something tangible and beautiful? Whether it’s a pattern coming to life as a dress or a simple sketch transforming into a painting, the creative journey is nothing short of magical! Ever wondered HOW those fleeting thoughts …

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Need a boost on the creative front?

Confidence is the key and I’ve gotcha covered. Let me show you how to put the puzzle together! Ever feel super excited about your creative dreams one minute—and the next second—you feel like your motivation went straight out the window? (Yeah, me too!) Here’s what I do at VLS (virginia-leigh-studio in case ya didn’t catch …

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Sewing supplies

PSA – Permission to Create Granted

It’s wooly socks, snuggle up and create weather! Maybe it’s been that way for several weeks in your neck of the woods. For me – it’s just started, and it feels so good. It’s finally cool in the house where I live and I can put on real clothes, real socks, and real shoes! This …

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Make it FUN!

Make It Fun!

How many of you can honestly say that when you decide to do something, you intentionally try to make it fun? No doubt many of our creative passions are fun in and of themselves. But I’m talking about those things like goals or projects. Have you ever said that about a creative goal? Let’s say …

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