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PSA – Permission to Create Granted

It’s wooly socks, snuggle up and create weather!

Maybe it’s been that way for several weeks in your neck of the woods. For me – it’s just started, and it feels so good. It’s finally cool in the house where I live and I can put on real clothes, real socks, and real shoes!

This is honestly one of my favorite times of the year! I’m snuggled in my favorite flannel men’s shirt (yeah, I design women’s clothing, but my favorite shirt right now is a man’s – go figure!) Cosmo is feeling especially cuddly – he wants to be held non-stop. And I’m sipping my fav hot coffee!

We’re approaching the end of the year and I’m excited. Maybe it’s the cool air, maybe it’s the coming holidays, maybe it’s because my patternmaking students are having a blast pivoting, slashing, and fitting themselves!

Maybe it’s that I like looking ahead and imagining all the possibilities this next year may bring. I say “may” because, well, you know, things can change in a heartbeat – and I really like to TRY and stay in the present moment! Doesn’t always work.

So, let’s not rush! Pump the brakes – it’s already the middle of OCTOBER!

Instead, let’s talk about what these last few months could bring. I mean, we still have about 10 weeks left in the year.

What would you LOVE to create in these last 10 weeks? For real – think about it! 10 weeks is a lot of time.

  • Do you want to create a PLAN for something special?
  • Do you want to learn a new skill?
  • Do you want to knit a special scarf, or sew a special shirt, or make that baby blanket?
  • Do you want to cover those throw pillows in a soothing winter pattern?

STOP, BREATHE and think of what would make YOU smile!

Before the holiday madness engulfs all of us, and it will, SLOW DOWN. I give you permission to slow down for a sec and mentally step away from “adulting” to nurture your creativity!

I’ll start: I’m busy teaching, engineering patterns for a large client, designing and consulting on costumes, clearing out some of my unfinished projects…

I grant myself permission to slow down and create a small collection of collaged greeting cards for the fall and holiday season!

There – I said it! Now it’s your turn.

Drop into the comments and let me know what creative persuit you will give yourself permission to foster! It doesn’t have to be big! It doesn’t have to be “FOR” anything…other than your own enjoyment! (Yes, that’s a REAL reason!)

You are worth it. Grab your cocoa, your warm socks, your fuzzy blanket…and nurture those creative thoughts!

Sending creative vibes your way –

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