Creative Process

Sewing supplies

PSA – Permission to Create Granted

It’s wooly socks, snuggle up and create weather! Maybe it’s been that way for several weeks in your neck of the woods. For me – it’s just started, and it feels so good. It’s finally cool in the house where I live and I can put on real clothes, real socks, and real shoes! This …

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70s style abstract print showcasing personal style

Embrace Your Personal Style –

It’s your SUPERPOWER! Hello, my fabulous fashionistas and style savvy souls! Do you ever put on an outfit and suddenly feel like you can conquer the world? Or maybe you wear something, and it’s as if you’ve slipped on Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Poof! Confidence gone! 🙁 Well, today, we’re diving into the jaw-dropping, strut-inducing …

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Choosing Your Creative Project

Choosing Your Next Creative Project

Choice is a beautiful thing. And then sometimes – it’s NOT! Scary I know! It’s one thing that all creatives wrestle with, and I’m here to make it a little easier for you. So, how do you choose your next creative project…from all those ideas you’ve scribbled sideways in a journal or have floating around …

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